Securing high-quality entry-level tech talent
From manual to smart hiring, how things changed for Iron Mountain Services?

Iron Mountain Services (IMS), one of the leading providers of storage and information management services, moved from manual effort and embraced cutting-edge online assessment platform to pick the best tech talent in a massive entry-level talent pool.


Client company intro:  Iron Mountain Services (IMS) is a leading company in the storage and information management space. It is trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide. Its solutions portfolio includes records management, data management, document management, data centers, art storage, and more. It stores and protects billions of information assets, including critical business documents, electronic information, medical data, and cultural and historical artifacts.

Industry: Information Technology and Services

Company Size: Overall 24000+ (In Bangalore 600+)

Region: Across 52 Countries, In India – Bangalore


  1. Incomplete and inaccurate resumes
  2. Skill gaps and attitudinal issues
  3. Huge market spread across a wider geographical area
  4. Highly time and resourcing consuming manual screening process 
  5. Decision-making process purely shaped by personal opinions.


  1. Get the right candidate for the interview process from the large volume available in the entry-level job market.
  2. Minimize the risk of bad hires
  3. Minimize fill time and hiring costs
  4. Improve candidate experience and employee retention
  5. Accelerate a data-driven hiring process

The Oto_Code Solution

After a lot of deliberation, Iron Mountain Services zeroed in upon Oto_Code, a cutting-edge tech assessment tool by Otomeyt that helps to hire quality tech talent faster and easier. Oto_Code helped swiftly filter the right candidates in a vast entry-level talent pool spread across a wider geographical area. Only the most qualified talent was put forward for the interview, saving tons of hiring and technical managers’ time and resources.

To date, Oto_Code has handled over 400k developer assessments successfully. Oto_Code is a robust and intelligent tech assessment tool that explores the quality of the code, performance, and scalability with accuracy. It's NLP powered feature “Acumen" helps assess a candidate using his body language, expressions and actions taken during the test. Oto_Code also enables invigilators to proctor candidates in real-time, from anywhere thus ensuring the authenticity of each coding test. This helped Iron Mountain Services identify candidates with the right aptitude and attitude.


  1. Drastically reduced the time from sharing manual tests and corrections  
  2. Eliminated manual errors during assessments
  3. Enabled effective remote assessments and hiring. Manual tests would not have been possible in this situation where everything is remote. 
  4. The entire screening process was made seamless, saving tons of time and resources.

Make smart hiring decisions

Otomeyt is an AI-powered talent acquisition suite. It makes pre-hire tech screening quick, easy and effective. It’s robust Oto_Code tool helps to leverage video analytics and insightful reports to reduce unintended bias and make smarter hiring decisions. Further, it enables hassle-free and swift integration with the current ATS platform. This increases recruiting efficiency in no time and eliminates the need to use two different platforms for screening and testing. That’s why it is used by over 100 recruiters and 60 organizations to take their tech recruitment to the next level. It has helped several of them to,

  • Bring down the turnaround time for hiring by 53%
  • Raise objectivity levels during the hiring process up to 75%
  • Increase recruiting team’s productivity by 66%

It empowers recruiters to source, assess, and onboard quality tech talent. It has a 20,000+ strong and expanding question library with object-oriented programming questions and can evaluate candidates in over 300 technologies programming languages.