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    Cutting-Edge AI-Powered
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    Test candidates for quality, reliability and scalability on Global Standards.
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    Leverage Custom Reports for
    Better Insights
    Select using the power of AI, Video and Data Analytics.
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    Get in-depth analysis to onboard the best
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    Minimize Personal Biases
    Save Time and Costs
    Create relevant tests, reduce bias and save time and costs.
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    Customise assessment specific to the job

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Make space for the
best coders

Transform your technical assessment process from elimination to “selection” and choose the best amongst the best technical resources. With Otomeyt, refactor the tech hiring process and bring the best coders to the surface.

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Stop scattering your
recruitment efforts

Hiring efficiency ensured. With Otomeyt, you can source, assess and track applicants all in one place. With our well-integrated partner tools, you can finally stop hopping to different applications for tech recruitment.

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Get 60% more time to talk to the right applicant

With robust job-specific assessments covering a broad range of skills, you can eliminate manual testing, reduce the time to shortlist the potential candidates, and spend enough time to interview and hire the best.

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Hire senior talent based on insights and live video interaction


Reach out to more campuses and make productive
hiring based on the pre-qualified database.

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