The Smart S3 Platform
Source, Skill, Scale

Introducing the world’s ONLY AI-powered Smart S3 platform, allowing you to seamlessly hire and train top talent like never before.

The Smart S3 Platform

Power What's Next with the Otomeyt Edge

Otomeyt’s AI-powered product suite empowers your organization to excel in talent acquisition and development like never before. Otomeyt's cutting edge solutions can be availed as a white-labelled platform




Streamline your sourcing process with our advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS).




AI-powered tools designed to assess candidates' technical and non-technical skills accurately.




Conduct secure and efficient video interviews with built-in impersonation detection




Identify skill gaps and provide targeted training, upskilling, and reskilling with OtoGuru.

Transform Your Talent Strategy with Otomeyt's Platform-led Solutions

Discover the perfect blend of AI-driven tools and expert services designed to
elevate your talent acquisition and development game.

Talent Acquisition

Total Talent Solutions

Otomeyt's talent acquisition services are designed to help you find and recruit top-notch talent across various skill sets and experience levels

Lateral and Fresher Hiring

We provide Contract to Hire, Permanent Staffing, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions that cater to your organization's specific hiring needs. Our AI-led tool, Catalyst, streamlines the entire process, making it easier to identify and engage with the best candidates.

RPO Solutions

Transform your recruitment process with our RPO Revolution solutions, where we leverage advanced AI-powered assessments and processes to offer. Stay ahead of the curve with adaptive Recruitment Strategies.

Outplacement Solutions

Support your employees through career transitions with our Outplacement Oasis solutions, where we combine AI-powered tools with empathetic guidance for a seamless and effective transition.

Payroll Solutions

Our payroll solutions cover Compliance, Transfers, and Rebadging, ensuring a seamless experience for both your organization and your employees. Our platform-led approach simplifies payroll management and helps you stay compliant with relevant regulations.

Talent Development

Total Skilling Solutions

Otomeyt's talent development services focus on nurturing and upskilling your existing workforce, ensuring they remain competitive in the ever-evolving market

Hire, Train & Deploy

We offer tailored training programs for both Emerging and Legacy Skill Sets, helping your employees acquire the necessary skills and expertise to excel in their roles. With our Hire, Train & Deploy model, you can be confident that your workforce is equipped to drive your organization forward.

Skilling Solutions

Otomeyt's total skilling solutions are designed to identify and address skill gaps within your workforce. We offer Skill Gap Analysis, Training, Re-skilling, Upskilling, and Certification services to ensure your employees are continually growing and adapting to the dynamic business environment.

Experience the Otomeyt Advantage

Otomeyt's unique combination of AI-driven tools and platform-led services sets us apart as the go-to solution for all your talent needs.


AI-powered Product Suite

In-house AI-powered Product Suite

Otomeyt's cutting-edge approach to talent solutions has earned us the trust of leading organizations across industries. Our proven track record demonstrates our commitment to excellence

Customisable, Scalable and Adaptable

Customisable, Scalable and Adaptable

We understand that every organization's needs are different. That's why we've designed our platform-led services to be easily customizable, allowing you to scale and adapt as your organization grows.


Trusted by Industry Leaders

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Otomeyt's cutting-edge approach to talent solutions has earned us the trust of leading organizations across industries. Our proven track record demonstrates our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver results for our clients.

Accreditation Partners

Karnataka Digital Economy Mission
Kaushalya Karnataka
Skill Development Department by the Government of Sikkim
Information Sharing and Analysis Center

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