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Why partner with Otomeyt

Augment your service, expand your audience and enter new markets,
and leverage the combined forces to build brand awareness.


Applicant Tracking Systems

To help organizations make their tech recruitment process faster and get rid of manual work and records with advanced tools.

Do away with multiple platforms for screening and testing and increase recruiting efficiency in no time with Otomeyt’s hassle-free and swift I-Click Integration with ATS.

Validation & Compliance

Credential management solutions, credentialing, test development, testing, and validation services to help organizations choose the right candidate. 

Ensure the authenticity of each coding test, warn candidates against unwarranted practices and check for plagiarism with Otomeyt’s advanced Fool-Proof Proctor.

Psychological Assessment

Intelligence and the emotional quotient assessment to make informed hiring decisions.

Augment your service with Otomeyt’s NLP-powered feature that helps you assess a candidate using his body language, expressions, and actions taken during the test.

Outsourced Interviews

Speed up the interviewing process, save costs and allow recruiters to interview remote candidates.

With Otomeyt’s powerful video analytics and insightful reports, auto-generate scorecard for each candidate, call only the most qualified talent for an online interview and reduce unintended bias.


An extensive global network of resellers to ensure that customers can access our advanced tech assessment tools, services, and support locally.

Benefit from selling Otomeyt’s full suite of AI-powered advanced tech assessment tool and our name recognition and reputation of being associated with leading enterprises globally. Get world-class training and ongoing support.

Industry Partners

Together with our industry partners worldwide, we provide a complete range of services in tech assessment and hiring solutions. 

Be part of Otomeyt’s ever-growing ecosystem of industry partners to help users reinvent their hiring process and create a seamless experience in building an effective tech recruitment process.

Media Partners

Building reliable and enduring relationships by distributing relevant content. Keeping our partners and customers always informed. 

With our advanced AI-powered teach assessment tool, we help organizations identify the best tech talent and make their tech hiring decisions faster, easier, and bias-free. Become our partner in spreading the message.