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The Unseen Costs of Building In-house

Heavy Price, Heavier Distraction
Building your own talent assessment platform doesn't just carry a hefty price tag – it diverts your resources from your core business operations.

A Long Road to Results
Creating an in-house solution doesn't happen overnight. It can take years to develop and fine-tune, delaying the benefits and competitive advantages you seek.

Double Trouble with Time and Budget
In-house development is fraught with risks. There's always a chance that your project could overrun in terms of both budget and timeline.

The Hidden Limitations of Subscriptions

Convenient Today, Costly Tomorrow
Subscription services may seem like a convenient solution, but those monthly or yearly fees quickly add up, leading to significant long-term expenditure.

One-size-fits-all subscription services often don't cater to your organization's unique needs, leaving you with a sub-optimal solution.

Paying for Limitations, Not Freedom
Subscriptions mean you never truly own the platform or the IP, limiting your ability to adapt and innovate according to your organization's changing needs.

Your Brand, Our Expertise

Otomeyt's White-Label Solution

Otomeyt's White Label Solution

Benefit from Otomeyt's Years of Work

Years of dedicated research, innovation, and development are at your fingertips. Jump straight to the benefits, bypassing the time and resource-intensive process of building from scratch.

Spend Once, Save Forever

A one-time investment in Otomeyt can yield superior returns compared to the ongoing costs of subscriptions or the high initial outlay for building your own solution.

Instant Deployment, Instant Advantage

Otomeyt's ready-to-deploy platform ensures you start realizing benefits immediately, compared to the long development times of in-house solutions.

Unleash Personalized Power

Tailor Otomeyt's platform to your unique needs for optimal outcomes, something that isn't possible with cookie-cutter subscription services.

True Ownership and Control

With Otomeyt, you own the IP and have full control over your platform. This is a significant advantage over subscriptions, where you never truly own the platform or the IP.

Boundless Growth

Unlimited potential for scalability and expansion, without incurring additional costs.

Otomeyt Platform

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Refine Pipeline

Assess engineering candidates with ease, accuracy, and fairness


Elevate Evaluation

Fast-track your interview process with our streamlined virtual solution

Why Otomeyt?

Otomeyt propels your hiring success by simplifying assessments, accelerating evaluations, and promoting effective collaboration.

Transforming JDs into Assessments

Transforming JDs into Assessments

From job descriptions to customized assessments, our platform simplifies the process. With a comprehensive question bank covering 300+ technologies, finding the perfect fit has never been easier.

Evaluations at Light Speed with AI

Evaluations at Light Speed with AI

Our AI-driven tech assessment solution allows for swift and precise evaluation of programming skills, elevating your candidate selection process.

Unmasking Talent with GCVS

Unmasking Talent with GCVS

We assess your candidate's coding abilities on multiple parameters like reliability, maintainability, and scalability. Our Global Code Verification System (GCVS) scores each candidate, helping identify future potential.

Only the Best Deserve Your Time

Only the Best Deserve Your Time

Spend time only with the most qualified talent, thanks to our auto-generated scorecards. Get insights like screenshots, score overview, candidate feedback, and video analytics with ease.

Efficiency Multiplied with Integration

Efficiency Multiplied with Integration

Experience hassle-free integration with your existing ATS platform. Pool talent from multiple sources and boost your recruiting efficiency.

Easy Collaboration for Better Interviews

Easy Collaboration for Better Interviews

No more setting up IDEs or juggling between tabs. Our platform offers a built-in coding environment for video interviews, making collaboration a breeze.

Discover the Otomeyt Difference

A doorway opening into a bright, promising future, symbolizing the opportunities that Otomeyt presents.

Ready to revolutionize your talent development strategy? Otomeyt offers a cost-effective, customizable, and proven solution that's ready to deploy.

Don't settle for less. Choose the smart alternative. Choose Otomeyt.

Otomeyt Difference


What does "white-label" mean in the context of Otomeyt's services?

White label in our context means you will get full access to our platform based on the platform tier that you have purchased. The platform will be devoid of any Otomeyt branding and can be customized to your liking and use cases

What control does my organization have over the white-label solution offered by Otomeyt?

Your organization has full control over Otomeyt's white-label solution, including access to all current and future features. However, unauthorized code base access, platform reselling, or any illegal use is strictly prohibited.

How customizable is Otomeyt's white-label platform to fit my organization's unique needs?

Otomeyt's white-label platform is highly customizable to meet your organization's specific requirements. It is built on lightweight and robust technology frameworks, making it adaptable to different business flows. With modular and microservice-based frameworks, features can be easily integrated into various processes, ensuring agility and flexibility.

What is the process for implementing Otomeyt's white-label solution into my existing hiring process?

Implementing Otomeyt's white-label solution into your existing hiring process involves understanding your process and tools. We customize our suite to your needs, creating a Business Requirements Document (BRD), and implementing our solution accordingly.

How long does it take to implement and deploy?

The implementation and deployment process typically takes around 3 to 4 weeks after completing the initial scoping and receiving sign-off on the Business Requirements Documents (BRDs).

Is the platform compliant with all modern-day standards?

The platform goes above and beyond to prioritize compliance with modern-day standards. With GDPR, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001 compliance, we ensure that every aspect of our operations aligns with the highest levels of data protection, information security, and quality management.

Will there be any support from the Otomeyt team post deployment? Is there an AMC involved?

Post deployment, the Otomeyt team ensures a seamless transition and offers ongoing support. We work closely with your internal teams to ensure successful adoption. An Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is available and can be discussed during the commercial discussion.

Is there any restriction on the number of credits we can consume for both assessments and video?

No restrictions apply to the number of assessment or video credits you can use. Once you have purchased the tool, you have unlimited access to utilize these credits as needed.

Will the platform be hosted on client servers or will it be hosted on Otomeyt’s servers?

The platform will be hosted on the client's AWS cloud account. As Otomeyt is fully set up and built on AWS, we leverage the client's existing AWS infrastructure to ensure seamless hosting and integration. This approach allows for enhanced control, scalability, and security, as the platform operates within the client's established AWS environment.

What is OtoCode and how can it benefit my organization?

Oto_Code is an advanced, AI-powered assessment tool designed to streamline the assessment process and make data-driven decisions. It allows your talent acquisition team to evaluate candidates across 140 technologies through Objective, Subjective, Coding, Asynchronous Video/Audio, and Project-Based questions.

In how many technologies can candidates be tested in OtoCode?

Oto_Code provides assessments in 140+ technologies, offering a wide range of options for evaluating candidates. This extensive coverage ensures that you can thoroughly assess their skills and expertise in diverse technical areas, enabling you to make informed hiring decisions based on their proficiency in specific technologies relevant to your organization.

Can I customize the questions in the test or do I have to use the predefined questions?

With Oto_Code, you have the flexibility to customize the questions in the test according to your needs. While the platform provides a library of 40k+ predefined questions, you also have the option to add or edit questions as per your convenience.

What is Dynamic Testing and how does it differ from traditional coding assessments?

Dynamic Testing is an innovative approach to coding assessments that differs from traditional methods. It involves a range of objective and coding questions, categorized into 9 difficulty levels. What sets Dynamic Testing apart is its AI-based engine, which intelligently selects the appropriate question difficulty level based on the candidate's performance. If a candidate answers correctly, the engine will automatically move to the next level, assessing their depth of knowledge. Conversely, if the answer is incorrect, the engine will adjust and present questions of a lower difficulty level. This adaptive process ensures a more precise evaluation of a candidate's skills while enabling the stack ranking of candidates who have taken the same assessment.

What is the Global Code Verification System (GCVS) and how does it evaluate candidates' coding abilities?

The Global Code Verification System (GCVS) is a code analysis engine that employs two layers of machine learning models to identify and address issues within the code submitted by candidates. GCVS assesses and evaluates the code's reliability, maintainability, and security aspects based on the coding language guidelines and standards provided.

How can I request for a customized assessment if I have more or specific questions?

If you have specific or additional questions, you can easily contact our customer support team directly from within the platform. Our team is readily available to provide assistance, whether it's a simple clarification or a detailed request for changes. The Customer Success Management (CSM) team will be more than happy to help you.

Can the platform integrate with my current Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Absolutely! Our platform is designed to smoothly integrate with standard ATSs that have cloud architecture and API-ready systems. This integration ensures a seamless flow of data and information between the two systems, allowing you to leverage the benefits of our platform without any disruptions to your existing ATS workflow.

How does OtoCode ensure the authenticity of each coding test and prevent plagiarism?

OtoCode ensures the authenticity of each coding test and prevents plagiarism through a combination of advanced proctoring systems and integration with global repositories. These measures guarantee top-level authenticity. Additionally, OtoCode utilizes internal checks to verify the solutions and code provided, ensuring that they are genuine and original.

How does the cost of Otomeyt's white-label solution compare to the subscriptions or building an in-house solution?

We have detailed out a comprehensive guide to help you understand the difference between buying our platform as opposed to Building it in-house or subscribing. Find out more here: https://otomeyt.ai/buy-build-subscribe/

Are there any additional or hidden costs associated with using Otomeyt's services?

When it comes to using Otomeyt's services, it's important to note that there is an annual maintenance contract (AMC). However, rest assured that apart from the AMC, there are no additional or hidden costs involved. We strive to be transparent and upfront about our pricing, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the expenses associated with our services.

What kind of return on investment can my organization expect from using Otomeyt's solution?

Our white-label offering ensures a minimum cost savings of 60-70% over a 5-year period compared to traditional assessment spends. Moreover, once the solution is deployed, you can enjoy long-term benefits without the need to purchase another assessment solution again. This provides your organization with lasting value and cost-effectiveness, making Otomeyt a worthwhile investment for the future.

Are there any restrictions on using the product once we have purchased it?

Once you have purchased and deployed the product, there are no specific restrictions on how you can utilize it within your organization. You have the freedom to fully leverage the product for your internal purposes, enabling you to maximize its benefits according to your unique needs. However, it's important to note that re-selling or redistributing the platform is not permitted.

Where will the platform be hosted and is there any IP transfer involved?

The platform can be hosted either on the client servers or on Otomeyt's servers. If you choose to host it on your servers, we kindly request that you use AWS, as our platform is currently optimized for AWS infrastructure. Regarding intellectual property (IP) rights, it's important to note that there will be no transfer involved. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and want to emphasize our commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy environment for our clients.

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