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Hire Train Deploy

Delivering a Productive Workforce

Bridging the gap between the current and the desired skill set levels and
delivering job-ready talent right from day one


We screen and shortlist the candidates from various sourcing channels based on your requirements.

We then use proprietary AI-powered platforms for technical and non-technical assessments to identify high potential talent.

We hire the ones who are best suited to your requirements.


We train the workforce in the exact skills, tools, and processes your business uses. As a result, you have a workforce ready to start work on day one, leading to substantial productivity gains and time savings.

With a vast library of learning resources, you're sure to find something that will fit your needs. Start with dependable content from external providers, or start with your own dependable content.

Use a variety of resources and customization options to create effective training programs swiftly.

Create personalized dashboards to organize and prioritize your KPI’s and leverage powerful insights.

We provide complete induction, product and process training.


After intensive training and assessment, we deploy the candidate on your projects and continuously monitor performance.

Get candidates trained in the exact skills, tools, and processes your business uses.

Candidates are ready to start work on day one, leading to swift and substantial productivity gains.

You can leverage our deep expertise in screening, interviewing, and selecting candidates to win the best talent by your side.

Our extensive talent development expertise across sectors like IT and ITES, BFSI, FinTech etc., create a powerful launchpad for your next recruitment campaign.

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With a proven track record of success, we would love the opportunity to talk to you about how our Hire,
Train and Deploy model can benefit you and your organization.