Upskill, Reskill and Future Proof Your Workforce

Discover UBER Framework

Experience the digital learning transformation


A 4-week training for bench resources

Boot Camp Skilling

A 4-week training for campus hires

Expert Skilling

A 4-week training for existing resources

Re-Skilling Resources

A 2-week training for all new hires

An Integrated Training Platform
to Drive Talent Transformation

Product and Delivery

Product led trainings and evaluation
Virtual learning environment (VLE)
Integrated SSO of end-to-end flow


Tailor made curriculum and content
Real-time capstone projects
Public cloud deployment as a SOP
Learning analytics and stack ranking


Trainer community
Academician network
Industry advisors

Learning Revolutionized

Integrated training platform with proven learning methodologies

Experience An Effective and Robust Training Approach

Virtual learning environment (VLE) to digitally transform your
traditional delivery models to high-end interactive learning experiences

Instructor-led Virtual Classroom Training

  • Classroom training to cover more than 60% of the total training duration
  • Tutor support available throughout the program
  • Additional study material available
  • Short video based modules

Weekly Assessment Reports

  • Weekly tech assessments
  • Weekly scorecard to be published
  • Learning interventions will be implemented
  • Learning risk mitigation on weekly basis via reviews

Extensive Project Support

  • Hands-on project work
  • Real-world simulation on application pools
  • Instructional videos
  • Public cloud access for deployments


  • Trainer feedback
  • Final evaluation to identify the gaps and decide on next action
  • Final assignment alongside capstone project analysis


  • Deployment ready resources
  • Stack ranking and learning insights
  • Performance reports, capstone project code and analysis
  • Cloud access for review and feedback


Delivering a productive workforce

Instructor Led learning + Labs

Custom made curriculum
Virtual presentations, live demos and live interactive sessions
Experienced faculty to manage and engage trainees

Instructor-led QnA and Case Studies

Video training content
Tutorials, step by step guide for troubleshooting and FAQ sessions
Hands on Application/deployment experience

Analyze and re-calibrate the program

Trainee weekly performance
Course completion assessment
Topics wise categorization of performance


Access world-class learning content

Curriculum to Content Cycle

Propose Curriculum for review -> Client approved Curriculum -> Course
Content and training content published -> Capstone project discussion
and approval with client -> Assessment content discussion and approval

Content Creation and Curation with Industry Experts

Work with tech experts in creating the content based on approved curriculum. Tech discussions with experts to curate content with industry aptness.

Industry Domain-wise Content from SMEs

As a part of Curriculum, SMEs bring about functional expertise and thought processes to further elevate the training program. Upon client approval, domain specific content is integrated with the course.

Capstone Projects and Deployment

2 capstone projects at the end of the course to validate the training
success followed by assessments and code submission. All put together, a final score is presented to the client

Public Cloud weaved into the Fabric of Training

GCP, AWS, Azure, Oracle cloud deployment and maintenance. Basic introduction to DevOps and InfraOps.

Digital Content available through LMS

Home grown LMS access to access digital content as per one’s need.

Instructor Sessions Recordings

All sessions are recorded and hosted on cloud for easier access and reference points to the trainees.

Content Feedback Mechanism from Client, Trainees and SMEs

Integrated feedback sessions with all stakeholders on content and its delivery. This is carried out rigorously to maintain the relevance of content.

Catering to All Types of Training

Leverage AI-powered platforms to identify skill gaps
and create training plans for talent development

Technical Skill


Soft Skill

Domain Specific