Video Interviewing Platform to Supercharge Your Hiring

Engage and recruit talent better and faster than ever before with advanced video interviewing platform

Up Your Remote Hiring Game with Oto_Video

Expedite recruitment with an automated online video interview
Make your first round of screening 80% faster with on-demand video interviews
Gauge soft skills, body language, and culture fit early in the process
Reduce time and resources spent on interviewing by up to 70%

Remote Interviewing Simplified

with live or on demand video interviews

Face-to-Face Interviews

Conduct live personal interviews with live coding, whiteboarding, screen sharing, and digitized feedback to find the best talent for your organization.

Screen for candidates’ potential, cast a wider net, promote diversity and enhance employer brand.

Campus Hiring

Assess and hire the best candidates across multiple campuses efficiently. 

Send hundreds of invitations in a single click.

Make sure that your assessments are completely fair with powerful and customizable proctoring. 

Filter out the best candidates using advanced reports. 

Let the students take interviews from any device, anytime, from anywhere. Conduct group discussions and personal interviews at scale. 

Whether one-on-one interviews, panel interviews, or group discussions, use video interviews and assessments to fill the roles faster, save resources and avoid unnecessary multiple campus visits.

Learning and Development

Make your learning and development program more effective by better engaging your multiple learners. 

Organize high-quality training webinars and lectures through easy-capture tools and interactive sessions.

Record the videos to re-watch, anywhere, anytime, on any device to easily scale learning and development programs.

Synchronous and Asynchronous Video interviews

Conduct synchronous (wherein both the candidate and the interviewer are present during the video interview) or asynchronous (wherein candidates share a recording of their answers to pre-loaded on-screen questions) interviews with ease.

Lateral Hiring

Get ahead in the lateral hiring game. Leverage the in-built code editor and whiteboard during the video interview to enable skill testing of experienced or senior professionals who may not be comfortable attending assessment tests.

Overcome the challenges of varied time zones and long lead times that come with lateral hiring.

Collaborative Interviews

Say goodbye to IDE setup, screen sharing, and juggling between multiple tabs. Instead, leverage a ready-to-use built-in coding environment during the video interview. 

Personalize the coding environment as per your preference.

Collaborate with the candidate live with the trackpad-friendly whiteboard tool. Have active discussions while collaborating on the code.

Faster and Hassle-Free Remote Hiring

with best-in-class features for technical and non-technical video interviewing

Inbuilt Code Editor and Whiteboard
Leverage the inbuilt features like live coding, whiteboarding, screen sharing, and digitized feedback during the interviews for cutting-edge assessments.
Create a Seamless Experience
Eliminate the hassles of collecting assessment reports manually. Seamlessly access the earlier tech and non-tech talent assessment reports of the candidates on this all-in-one video interview platform.
Speed-up Your Hiring Process
Scheduling, conducting interviews, and evaluating the candidates has never been so easy. Swiftly create single or multiple invites, collect feedback digitally and evaluate the candidate on several parameters.
Real-time Testing
Conduct real-time coding assessments to accurately assess candidates' technical skills in an unbiased manner. Easily pick coding questions from our massive library as and when required during the interview.
Impersonation-Proof Identity Verification
Fool proof your remote hiring. Leverage advanced impersonation detection to ensure authenticity. Automatically detect if the interviewee is a registered candidate with AI-powered ID verification.
Evaluate and View Interview Reports
Get online and downloadable reports, interview recordings and interview feedback, and review them at their convenience. Evaluate multiple candidates and save tons of time.