Assess Non-Technical Skills with Ease

Save valuable time, make unbiased hiring decisions, and avoid expensive mis-hires to transform your people strategy.

Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring

Identify and hire the best candidates with an AI-powered tool

Invest Time on Right-Fit Talent

Don’t get carried away by misleading resumes. Instead, find right-fit talent and achieve greater diversity by assessing aptitude, skill, personality, and potential without biases.

Evaluate for Quality (‘Q’)

Evaluate the candidates in various domains like English Communication, Qualitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Capital Markets, Investment Banking, and more through Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s) and subjective based questions.

Assess Anyone, Anywhere, Any Time

Assess freshers or experienced candidates remotely with our secure and live intelligent remote proctoring, customized assessments, automatic test creation, mobile assessments, and flexibility to choose from hundreds of tests for several different job roles.

Seamless Integration

Our partnerships with a wide range of renowned ATS and HRIS platforms help you seamlessly integrate assessments into your current systems and processes.

Real-Time Powerful Insights

Track and monitor results using intuitive performance analytics, analyze and compare your candidate pool, measure only the metrics that matter, and set benchmarks to know who to hire next. Save costs and time, minimize unconscious bias, and build a data-driven hiring strategy.

Save costs and time, minimize unconscious bias, and build a data-driven hiring strategy.

Experience the World-Class
Oto_Qualify Features


Measure the normal-range personality, attitudes, and organization skills.

Judgment Test

Assesses the candidate's responses to challenging situations that they might encounter at work in a simulated work environment.

Reasoning Test

Measure a candidate's ability to perceive and think clearly, make meaning out of confusion and formulate new concepts when faced with limited information.

Critical Thinking

Assess candidates' critical thinking ability and predict performance in fast-paced positions requiring high-level thinking and analysis.


Measure the candidate's scholastic aptitude and proficiency in numerical, logical, and verbal abilities.

Video Interview

Enable a faster, fairer, friendlier assessment experience with a video interviewing platform that comes with an inbuilt whiteboard, code editor, scheduling, powerful analytics, etc.

Best-in-Class Non-Technical Assessment

for any industry, function and role


Find emerging leaders, identify development areas of top talent, develop team leaders for future roles, etc.


Gain insights to develop future leaders, build strong leadership and talent management training, help mid-senior leaders take on change management, etc.


Identify HiPo for function heads, help middle managers with hiring tools and insights, develop employee career paths and ladders, etc.


Assess needs and design career progression for ABMs, develop a high-performance culture for function heads, boost productivity through agility for TBMs, ABMs and CAMs, etc.


Enable MDPs for middle managers, develop campus to corporate programs for new hires, create development centers for emerging leaders, etc.


Gauge the readiness of managers, evaluate internal talent on organizational values, improve the effectiveness of HiPo programs, etc.