Cutting the tech hiring clutter
How Visteon unlocked the power of intelligent tech assessment?

Visteon, an American global automotive electronics supplier and Fortune 500 company, solved several tech talent acquisition challenges by leveraging the power of the AI-driven talent acquisition suite, Otomeyt, which went on to become a critical part of their tech hiring success.


Client company intro: Visteon is a technology leader in automotive electronics that provides world-class cutting-edge products to global automotive companies to create a more enjoyable, connected, and safe driving experience. Headquartered in Van Buren Township, Michigan, USA, it has over 40 facilities in 18 countries.

Industry: Automotive

Company Size: 10,001+ employees

Region: Van Buren Township, MI, USA


  1. Balancing the hiring speed and quality
  2. Scale hiring process quickly to match bulk-hiring
  3. Analyze the candidate’s programming knowledge
  4. Dynamic tech demands
  5. Zeroing in on best tech talent
  6. Manual work/resource involved during the hiring process
  7. Tight hiring time frame to recruit quality resource


  1. Assess the candidate’s technical knowledge
  2. Hire a dynamic resource from the competitive market with no hassles
  3. Hire quality candidates for the jobs
  4. Make unbiased hiring decisions
  5. Create a great candidate experience
  6. Make the hiring process more cost-effective and faster
  7. Adopt the AI-enabled proctored assessments to deter candidates from cheating and bring fairness into hiring

The Oto_Code Solution

Undoubtedly, there are many AI-powered tech recruitment applications. As a whole, leveraging AI’s power in hiring /recruitment simplifies the hiring process, makes it unbiased, minimizes cost, improves candidate’s interview feedback, and helps source the best talent for the company. Otomeyt’s Oto-Code is one such tool. To date, Oto_Code has handled over 400k developer assessments successfully. Oto_Code is a robust and intelligent tech assessment tool that explores the quality of the code, performance, and scalability with accuracy.


  1. Minimized hiring and training costs
  2. Wider reach – allowed the candidates from distant locations to take up the test
  3. Reduced efforts and hassles – involved in screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and organizing tests
  4. Increased productivity
  5. Powerful insights – The “big picture” trends of the candidate’s performance with the drill-down details to individual candidate report and test analysis
  6. Ensured more effective hiring by increasing joining ratio, hiring ratio, conversion, assessments, short listing qualified candidates in the lesser period and easy access to automated reports of the candidates

Hire Better, Smarter and Faster

Otomeyt is an AI-powered talent acquisition suite. One can leverage the assessment platform functions to create a bundle of pre-employment tests into a single issuance and reduce the hiring challenges, be it for campus hiring or for any niche requirement hiring. It helps recruiting teams and tech organizations to overcome their tech recruitment challenges successfully. Naturally, Otomeyt’s Oto_Code tool is used by over 100 recruiters and 60 organizations to take their tech recruitment to the next level. It has helped several of them to,

  • Bring down the turnaround time for hiring by 53%
  • Raise objectivity levels during the hiring process up to 75%
  • Increase recruiting team’s productivity by 66%

It empowers recruiters to source, assess, and onboard quality tech talent. It has a 20,000+ strong and expanding question library with object-oriented programming questions and can evaluate candidates in over 300 technologies programming languages.