Campus Hiring
Qualifying Technical Talent Faster with Otomeyt

About Odessa

Odessa is a US company with offices in Philadelphia, USA, and Bangalore, India. Odessa’s leasing solutions power a client base composed of leading global financial institutions that operate across market segments.

Odessa transforms bold ideas into breakthrough outcomes for clients that drive the economy through equipment and fleet leasing: IT, healthcare, transportation, and more.

As the largest technology provider in the leasing industry, Odessa provides a feature-rich ERP solution with broad integrations across top CRM, G/L, tax, credit, and leading enablement applications. As a complete platform, Odessa delivers a total solution for commercial lending companies, driving the future of asset finance. With best-in-class functionality, extensible architecture, and a suite of value-added features and services, Odessa helps companies transform their business operations.

Hiring Challenges

Odessa’s dynamic talent needs heavily depend on the university hiring team’s ability to:

  1. Scale hiring efforts,
  2. Scout multiple universities, and
  3. Hire and onboard the best talent, just in time.

This meant the university hiring team had to:

  1. Explore multiple universities and colleges, all at the same time,
  2. Meet, engage and interview thousands of students across the country, and
  3. Find a handful of exceptional talent by completing the entire hiring process in less than 30 days.

Otomeyt Solution

Otomeyt’s innovative AI-powered tech assessment tool helped Odessa in achieving just that – scaling our hiring, with no/very little lead time with no additional efforts (in fact, with lesser efforts and time).

Odessa’s goal was to effectively evaluate the applicants in their programming, problem-solving and logical skills, filtering out the best talent. Otomeyt helped Odessa access an extensive library of assessments that were aligned with Odessa’s evaluations measures, making the process simpler and faster.

The students also had positive experiences to share on the ease of taking the test. Otomeyt’s tool offered an excellent UI. Odessa could deliver multiple assessments on different campuses at the same time with no technical issues or errors.

Odessa completed the entire engineering campus hiring process in less than a month, especially with the help of Otomeyt’s cutting-edge tool.


  • Odessa had to make 150 offers, but ended up making 170 offers because of Otomeyt’s tool that helped in making hiring decisions faster, easier, and bias-free.
  • Reduced the time taken for the end-to-end process by a day – From 3 days to 2 days. This also meant that it helped us reduce the overall bandwidth or manpower by a day.
  • Typically on campus, Odessa would have 10 interviewers * 8 hours a day – so that’s 80 Man Hours saved on every campus.