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Hiring Simplified.
Precision Amplified.

Outpace the market.
Onboard great talent with speed and precision

Are you in a hurry to build a
highly-skilled tech team?

Rapidly build your tech team of smart developers using Cognitive, Dynamic and Duo Code tests in just a few clicks.

Looking for the best coders
for your company?

Evaluate the coders’ capability on code reliability, maintainability, scalability, performance, quality, and test cases with a Global Code Verification System (GCVS) score

Multiple tech stacks and limited resources for testing?

Assess any technical skill including front-end, back-end technologies, API skills, Databases, Machine Learning, testing frameworks (Selenium) and many more with a strong and growing library of questions.

How do you bring speed to your recruitment?

Create and launch skill assessment tests in a jiffy. Monitor responses real-time on a single Dashboard with charts, graphs and predetermined scores for taking quick decisions.