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Streamline the selection process

End to End Recruitment

Explain the benefit: Catapult the hiring speed and productivity for staffing and recruitment companies with complete process management and automation

  • Become the master of recruitment with ART (Advanced Recruitment Technology) powered by AI
  • Experience complete visibility into the pipeline

Reports drilled down and wide

Explain the benefit: Personalized dashboards with real-time insights

  • Easy reporting lines with role assignments, job creation, and posting Experience complete visibility into the pipeline
  • Productivity and activity reports generated for the recruiting teams

Centrally manage global job

Explain the benefit: Easily access and manage candidate data with data protection through access rights for the hiring team

  • Create a central repository of all resumes to grow your own database and re-use it to reduce dependency on job portals
  • Avoid contacting the same candidates again

Enjoy automated workflow

Explain the benefit: Streamline operations and liberate precious hours of the HR team, helping them focus on critical tasks.

  • Eliminate monotonous and repetitive tasks.
  • Get real-time screening and assessment results.