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Ace the Assessment
to Hire the Best

Build Smarter Teams Efficiently

  • Hire faster by 10x
    or reduce time by 55%
  • Reduce dependency
  • Avoid repetitive tasks
  • Digitalise your workflow
  • Improve productivity by 66%
  • Make informed decisions with GCVS
  • Reduce bias by 60%

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Otomeyt enables onboard great tech talent with speed and precision
Otomeyt best for virtual hiring
Useful tool to evaluate best tech talent

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AI-powered tools for speed, precision, and disruptive hiring


Make space for the
best coders

Transform your technical assessment process from elimination to “selection” and choose the best talent for building smarter tech teams. Perform tech assessment with our easy-to use, AI powered recruitment platform that helps you find top quality tech talent without wasting time or resources on unqualified applicants.

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Focus your recruitment efforts
at one place

Hiring efficiency is ensured with Otomeyt. You can source, assess and track applicants all in one place. With our well-integrated partner tools for tech recruitment you can finally stop hopping to different applications to tech recruitment.

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Non-technical competency
evaluation made easy

Don't get caught up in a bait and switch with resumes. Instead, find the right fit for your company in any industry by assessing aptitude, skills and personality traits you're looking for as well as potential before giving out interviews or making hiring decisions based on limited information.

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Switch from reactive
to proactive support

Simplify and strengthen your process compliance management with an integrated platform. Measure compliance against established expectations of agent behavior with cutting-edge integrated skill assessment and compliance monitoring system.

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Supercharge your hiring with video interviews

Expand your talent pool by interviewing candidates from anywhere. Engage many candidates at once, transform candidate experience and move qualified talent to the next steps faster with our best-in-class video interviewing platform for tech and non-tech hiring.

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Pricing Plans To Suit Your Needs

Oto_Code | Oto_Catalyst | Oto-Qualify | Oto_Compliance | Oto_Live

Small packages for quick hiring
Small packages for quick hiring
Custom packages for enterprises

Hiring Solutions for
Every Context

Hire senior talent based on insights
and live video interaction.
Reach out to more campuses and make effective hiring based on the pre-qualified database.
Regular Hiring
Enhance interview productivity and reduce bias in the assessment process, while improving the quality of your hires with integrated candidate assessments.

Streamline the Hiring Process
by Simple Steps

Set up assessments based on job roles and Skills
Send out test links to candidates from the platform
Identify the best performers based on cut-off ranking
Schedule video interviews with the shortlisted candidates

Creating Experiences
that Comes Full Circle

In-depth product training
for recruiters
On-demand tests by
our experts
support managers

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