Identify the developers who write scalable, high-performance and quality code
Powerful features for a comprehensive skill assessment.
Why Oto_Code?
Test Creation

Role-specific assessment

Auto-generate a fitting assessment just by uploading the job description.

Global Code Verification System™

Measure the scalability, performance and quality of the candidate’s code.

65+ languages

We support 65+ programming languages, frameworks and technologies.

Question Library

Create custom assessments using 10,000+ strong and expanding Otomeyt Library.

Machine Learning Test

Conduct ML & Data science assessments using Otomeyt’s ML engine.

Commission assessment

Have a unique requirement? Let us craft an assessment specific to your needs.
Advanced proctoring and anti-plagiarism mechanisms


Eye Ball Detection

Disable Copy Paste

Enable Full Screen

Capture Screenshots

No of off-screen allowed

Enable Section Shuffle

Powerful features born from the voice of our customers

Nominate your tech panel

Collaborate with your hiring manager for swifter and better hiring.
Monitor the health of the questions Save your favorite questions Benchmark the industry cut-off each question

Collect candidate details

Gather details such as notice period, salary expectation to help you hire faster.

Question and candidate-specific reports

Make use of in-depth reports of data-driven hiring.

Complete control over the hiring process
Monitor product usage trends and candidate feedback.
Enhanced candidate experience
  • Instant feedback on the assessments
  • Collect candidate feedback
  • Easy-to-use interface and intuitive workflow
Automate your screening process with online tech assessments.
It’s free! Takes only a few minutes.

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