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What our customers have to say

“Finding talent with specialized technical skills, backed by relevant experience, is always a challenge. With Otomeyt, we have reduced our hiring time and effort by 50%. We now have the ease and certainty to build a world class team.”

Richard Bururu,
Managing Director & Regional Head,
Decision Management-Group Consumer Banking

“OTOMEYT is a fantastic tool as it creates efficiency and consistency in the entire hiring process.

OTOMEYT allows teams to select even those candidates who didn’t look good on paper earlier but proved to be fundamentally skillfull with its AI-enabled GCVS report.
Right from its adaptive testing ability to auto curation of tests with a single click JD upload, it helps businesses make swifter & much smarter decisions.

Not only this! their live pair programming tool “duo code" helps you to understand the candidate’s real-time problem-solving ability as well on a video interviewing environment"

Rajendra Raut
Head Talent Acquisition at Jade Global